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  • Choose a broker who represents your interests, not a landlord / seller to avoid a situation of dual-agency.
  • Select a broker specializing in tenant / buyer representation.
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  • Select a broker who has experience in representing your type of business.
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Houston Business Headlines – Money Morning

Exxon Mobil is considering a move

Architectural documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle outline an elaborate corporate campus, including 20 office buildings with 3 million square feet,

Johnson Space Center looks to Return to the Moon cancelation with concern

Space workers and politicians in Houston are looking on the prospect of President Obama canceling the return to the Moon program with considerable

Toshiba Launches Super-Charge Ion Battery

Houston, TX – Toshiba International Corporation announces that it has established US-based sales and technical support for

RPT-TEPCO mulls stake in NRG Texas nuclear plant

A Japanese electric utility is mulling a stake in a Texas nuclear plant under development by NRG Energy Inc

ConocoPhillips launches PP business

The Houston-based business will operate as ConocoPhillips Specialty Products Inc. and will handle sales and

B&W to support sub nuke systems

McDermott International Inc. announced it has been selected to provide the US Navy’s submarines and aircraft carrier programs with

Insurance industry says Ike damage cost 12 billion dollars in Texas

The devastating Hurricane Ike in 2008 has claimed some 12 billion US dollars in insurance losses along the

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Houston Business Headlines – Money Morning

Major change at NASA: Houston may have a problem

This could have a chilling effect on the economy of Houston where the Johnson Space Center is located. Those are good, high paying jobs with superb benefits

KBR scuttles West Houston expansion

The engineering, construction and services company released a statement Wednesday saying it would expand its presence in downtown Houston instead.

Toyota owners besiege dealers for answers

Houston-area Toyota dealers were inundated with phone calls from concerned customers Wednesday, a day after the car company halted national sales of eight

Port of Houston approves $1M in Bayport projects

The Port of Houston Authority this week approved two contracts totaling about $1 million for construction projects on the Bayport terminal.

City slow to tear down vacant buildings

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says cleaning up Houston’s neighborhoods is her first and highest priority. But getting it done will not be

Mall makeover for West Oaks Mall

A big mall makeover is in the works for a once popular shopping spot in far west Houston. Developers want people in the community to help

Texas Steel Processing sold to Chicago metal distributor

Houston steel fabricator Texas Steel Processing Inc. has agreed to be sold to a unit of Ryerson Inc. for about $11.4 million. The move allows Chicago-based

Natural Gas: Charts, Analysis, & Predictions

2007 Map of Natural Gas Production in cubic meters, per year.

Henry Hub spot prices are up significantly from their low of $2.18 in September 2009.

The average wellhead gas price increased last month to $4.31/MMbtu.  The low in September of last year was $2.84.


The Nat Gas Futures indicate a stabilization of prices until the third quarter of 2010, where it bounces 15% to 20% through the next year.


The U.S. rig count for gas increased by 22 , and is 168 higher than the low in July of 2009. The increase is due to shale gas drilling in the Louisiana Haynesville and Texas Eagle Ford Shale.


A reliable indicator of our economic path.  The current data shows a reversal towards the mean after 5 weeks of growth.

Houston Business Headlines – Money Morning

Hard times wash away part of Houston port’s income

And fewer ships called on the Port of Houston Authority docks last year. After a record year of revenue in 2008, the Port of Houston Authority reported a

Oil work in Iraq could ramp up

Chad Deaton, CEO of Houston-based Baker Hughes, said in an earnings call Tuesday that his company has submitted a contract bid to a potential customer and…

CompUSA re-entering Houston as Systemax unit

CompUSA has officially re-entered the Houston market with a brand-new store after filing bankruptcy in 2007 and closing all of its Houston locations.

Education Pioneers Launches in Houston to Recruit, Train 100 New Education Leaders

Education Pioneers, a national network of education leaders and entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of a

Investors target Marcellus Shale drillers

A group of shareholders who focus on the environment said on Tuesday they are targeting companies operating in the Marcellus Shale to

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Real Estate Representation for Houston Business

The Stimulus Package: Who? What? Where? When? How?

Our friends at Propublica.org sent us the following:

After three months of shrinking obligations, the stimulus pipeline is beginning to fill up again. The latest numbers from Recovery.gov show that stimulus money “in process”—funds committed to specific projects, but not yet spent—has started to tick upward again. ProPublica reported two weeks ago that the amount of money in process had peaked at $172 billion in October, only to fall consistently through the rest of the year.

But that trend has now reversed, at least for the moment. After dipping below $150 billion in last week’s numbers, the amount of stimulus money in process has now risen to $157 billion. That seems to be the result of federal agencies’ obligating more of their stimulus appropriations to specific projects: in the latest numbers, the amount of stimulus money that agencies have yet to obligate has fallen to $251 billion, from $267 billion last week.

Source: Propublica.org

Interactive Chart: How Fast We’re Spending the Stimulus Package

State Unemployment Rate (Oct. 2009) Total Funding $ Per Capita
U.S. 10.2 $260,908,876,834 $858.08
Alabama 10.9 $3,775,900,944 $809.95
Alaska 8.9 $1,473,658,604 $2,147.27
Arizona 9.3 $5,684,200,780 $874.47
Arkansas 7.6 $2,439,254,319 $854.26
California 12.5 $30,370,171,990 $826.25
Colorado 6.9 $3,981,612,288 $806.08
Connecticut 8.8 $3,029,503,874 $865.26
Delaware 8.7 $831,365,255 $952.21
District of Columbia 11.9 $3,123,008,106 $5,276.84
Florida 11.2 $11,911,576,458 $649.90
Georgia 10.2 $7,282,865,358 $751.92
Hawaii 7.2 $1,349,723,056 $1,047.76
Idaho 9.0 $1,851,237,237 $1,214.87
Illinois 11.0 $10,707,213,128 $829.92
Indiana 9.8 $5,148,276,814 $807.35
Iowa 6.7 $2,480,466,075 $826.12
Kansas 6.8 $2,093,151,144 $746.98
Kentucky 11.2 $3,629,994,560 $850.27
Louisiana 7.4 $3,770,594,001 $854.86
Maine 8.2 $1,396,643,660 $1,060.91
Maryland 7.3 $4,665,361,485 $828.13
Massachusetts 8.9 $7,204,099,459 $1,108.67
Michigan 15.1 $9,127,643,222 $912.45
Minnesota 7.6 $4,755,777,465 $911.00
Mississippi 9.8 $2,642,430,524 $899.21
Missouri 9.3 $4,488,567,796 $759.28
Montana 6.4 $1,253,186,834 $1,295.36
Nebraska 4.9 $1,275,157,048 $715.00
Nevada 13.0 $1,805,407,371 $694.34
New Hampshire 6.8 $1,113,657,198 $846.37
New Jersey 9.7 $6,799,241,562 $783.08
New Mexico 7.9 $2,294,777,715 $1,156.43
New York 9.0 $19,782,147,945 $1,014.97
North Carolina 11.0 $7,455,274,885 $808.39
North Dakota 4.2 $876,951,175 $1,367.07
Ohio 10.5 $8,438,263,855 $734.66
Oklahoma 7.1 $3,265,627,076 $896.57
Oregon 11.3 $3,342,198,130 $881.83
Pennsylvania 8.8 $8,525,931,798 $684.91
Rhode Island 12.9 $1,135,969,450 $1,081.06
South Carolina 12.1 $5,257,662,568 $1,173.64
South Dakota 5.0 $1,017,932,022 $1,265.78
Tennessee 10.5 $5,964,360,012 $959.69
Texas 8.3 $16,763,191,633 $689.08
Utah 6.5 $2,347,228,250 $857.77
Vermont 6.5 $742,395,094 $1,194.96
Virginia 6.6 $5,149,581,848 $662.83
Washington 9.3 $7,675,497,027 $1,171.97
West Virginia 8.5 $1,667,783,012 $919.16
Wisconsin 8.4 $4,405,720,940 $782.83
Wyoming 7.4 $702,955,057 $1,319.69

Houston Business Headlines – Money Morning

Baker Hughes 4Q Profit Falls 81% On Weak Demand >BHI

‎Shares of Baker Hughes climbed more than 8% after the Houston-based company reported that earnings fell 81% amid weak demand, but also that activity was

Energy markets show little reaction to oil spill

The average price in Houston was $2.54. Petroleum demand remains weak amid a slow economic recovery, with US refiners operating at low levels not seen since

AttainResponse Selects The Planet for IT Infrastructure Hosting

The Planet, the global leader in IT hosting, today announced AttainResponse (http://www.attainresponse.com) has chosen the company

Chevron, Statoil Confirm Buying Devon’s St. Malo Stake

Chevron Corp. (CVX) confirmed Monday its affiliate Union Oil Company of California, or Unocal,

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Houston Business Headlines – Money Morning

Halliburton 4Q Profit Drops 48 Pct

The Houston company on Monday reported net income of $243, or 27 cents per share, for the fourth quarter. That compares with income of $468 million,

Winter chill returning to Houston in time for weekend

Sunny, warm temperatures forecast for the Houston area today will give way to thunderstorms and then bitter cold later this

Suits against Houston fitness centers give lawyers workout

‎One elderly Houston woman who sued her trainer and fitness center said she fell on a treadmill; another overweight woman said she injured her back under the

Crews try to protect wildlife from Texas spill

The tanker is owned by AET Tankers, a Malaysian company with offices in Houston. Patterson said AET would pay for most of the cleanup.

For-profit colleges spur dreams and doubts

In Houston and across the country, for-profit schools are growing faster than traditional colleges and universities, thanks in part to their emphasis on

Devon Energy’s Partners Push Maersk Off US Gulf Oil Deal

Several of Devon Energy Corp.’s (DVN) partners in two US Gulf of Mexico

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Real Estate Representation for Houston Business